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muah to you too ! :*

September the 18th 2010, one of the happiest days of my life.
Our relationship began.

I was tottaly in love with you. You were my everything. We were inseperable. We could not be two days apart from each other without missing each other. You were the peanut butter to my jelly. I loved you. You loved me. We were amazing for each other. The only thing in the world that would make me happy was you’re cuddles. Just knowing you were mine. Just knowing you were always right by my side, there for me. You looked after me so well. When I had my wisdom teeth out you made sure that I was okay and everything was perfect. Even when you did make me upset you would always apologise and try and make it up to me. You were the most amazing boyfriend I could have asked for. You really loved me, and I really loved you.You gave me the necklace for our one year saying I love you. I was just so happy to know that you had these feelings for me and that you were all mine. 

My family took you to Thailand. It was the most amazing week of my life. Those are memories that I will never forget.

You would run home from school every day just to talk to me. You would ditch you’re friends just to see me. I would do the same for you. We were truley in love and those are some feelings I think I will never have again with anyone else. 

and the it just all went downhill…

how can someone go from you’re absoloute everything to nothing within a few weeks?

how can someone be tottally in love with you, and tottally hate you within a month?

how can you spend every single day with someone and just forget about them?

We broke up, from fighting too much. I was heartbroken. I thought my whole life was over. I went and did things that I should not have. I hurt you. You got over me. You moved on. You didn’t want me in you’re life. You  broke my heart. You abused me. You delibertly hurt me. 

I apologised to you. I made you a CD. I wanted you back.

You moved on. You hated me. You did not want anything to do with me.

How can you be in love with someone and completly hate them within weeks…

You deliberatly do things now to upset me. Even after over a month, you still try and make me upset. You still try and fuck with my head. 

I guess people change. People want different things in life. 

I wish I could just forget about you, like you have about me. But when someone is a huge part of you’re life for such a long time, its hard.

You never know what you got till it’s gone.